Cierco receives BOEM compliance to hold leases on the Outer Continental Shelf

Palm Springs: Following Cierco filing an Expression of Interest to the BOEM California call, BOEM has informed Cierco that it has fulfilled the conditions for compliance to negotiate and hold leases on the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf); enabling CIERCO to participate in the forward programme and be positioned to submit site offers in future rounds.

Mikael Jakobsson CEO commented: “This confirmation from BOEM is very well received and allows us to move forward in the California market. We see ourselves as playing an active role in the floating wind developments ahead and look forward to contributing to the process. We maintain a strict focus on a low, competitive but sustainable Cost of Energy proposition for the California projects. As a technology neutral company, not bound to a specific technology or brand, we can tailor the most suitable technology to achieve the best results.”