The CIERCO and SBM Offshore company FLOVENTIS is named as the most successful party by the UK Crown Estate in todays announcement by the Crown. The two Llŷr projects of 100MW each brings the group to a front position in the UK floating wind market.

For more information, see:

CIERCO Press Release here, and;

FLOVENTIS website here



CIERCO and SBM Offshore has decided to join forces in the development of offshore floating wind projects. Click here for the CIERCO press release and here for the SBM Offshore website. FLOVENTIS is progressing multiple projects and manifests a strong collaboration that will provide robustness and maturity in the projects under development. 

For more information on FLOVENTIS see website here.



As the project development progress advances for the first California Demonstration project CADEMO, the project company CIERCO PROJECTS CORPORATION is renamed CADEMO CORPORATION. This will provide a clearer transparency of the project identity to market and stakeholders. Project base for business remains its Palm Springs office. 

For more information on CADEMO see website here.


CIERCO has over the last two years assessed the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) for floating wind as a part of a contract with the UK government and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial strategy. As this analysis is complete, Cierco will launch findings of the analysis at the US Offshore Wind event during June 10 – 11 in Boston.

For more detail of the event:  newenergyupdate.com

YouTube link:  US Offshore Offshore Wind Conference and Exhibition

As we see the next generation of offshore wind turbines reaching 12 MW arriving in the market over the next few years, we now have a much better understanding of its positive impact on the cost of energy for floating wind, leaping it forward in relation to earlier projections made. At the event, we will present findings and further detail on this and look forward seeing you at the event.

Scott Harper, CEO of Cierco Ltd said:  “This analysis we have undertaken has been in close collaboration with leading companies and supply chain in the market, allowing cost details to be based on realistic facts and real designs, where we are proud to provide high level of robustness in the results.”



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          By Gunnar Herzig, Managing Director, World Forum Offshore Wind

  1. Floating wind – The next big game but not without stepping stones

          By Mikael Jakobsson, Managing Director, Cierco

  1. How floating wind can enable a paradigm shift for the electricity sector in the US

          By Antoine Peiffer, Senior Manager, Global Supply Chain and Development, Principle Power


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2019-04-11 “BOEM announces Nominations for EOI call for leases on the Outer Continental Shelf ”
Camarillo (CA):

As a result of the Expression of Interest by BOEM for three site location along the California coast, BOEM has now announced the names of 14 nominated companies including statement:

“BOEM reviewed these parties’ submissions to assess filing completeness and has determined the parties are legally, technically, and financially qualified to hold an OCS renewable energy commercial lease.”

See link to BOEM document [Link to document]. Cierco, being one of the nominations, look forward to continue its effort in pursuing its interest and approach to the California offshore floating wind proposition and welcomes dialogue between the announced parties.

2019-02-28 “Cierco receives BOEM compliance to hold leases on the Outer Continental Shelf ”
Palm Springs:

Following Cierco filing an Expression of Interest to the BOEM California call, BOEM has informed Cierco that it has fulfilled the conditions for compliance to negotiate and hold leases on the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf); enabling CIERCO to participate in the forward programme and be positioned to submit site offers in future rounds.
Mikael Jakobsson CEO commented: “This confirmation from BOEM is very well received and allows us to move forward in the California market. We see ourselves as playing an active role in the floating wind developments ahead and look forward to contributing to the process. We maintain a strict focus on a low, competitive but sustainable Cost of Energy proposition for the California projects. As a technology neutral company, not bound to a specific technology or brand, we can tailor the most suitable technology to achieve the best results.”

2019-01-26 “Cierco Corporation submits Expression of Interest to BOEM California site call”
Palm Springs:

Cierco files its Expression of Interest to the BOEM site call along the California coastline. The calls by BOEM is a response to lease applications received for a project site in Humboldt Bay and two sites further south at Morro Bay and Diablo Canyon. CIERCO look forward to participating in the market although there are some significant hurdles ahead given the complexity of the California environment and important interests from the Department of Defence, Natural Protection Areas, commercial fisheries, shipping, and recreational activities alongside fundamental grid connection and wind issues.
Marc Murray, Project Director says: “The Californian market is in its infancy. We need to work within the regulatory environment and engage with stakeholders to focus project towards where it achieves sustainable production at the lowest cost. This requires the most suitable technology to reach the lowest cost, working with both State and Federal legislators to shape a market place where the floating wind component can thrive. Our approach seeks to achieve the right balance of meeting commercial concerns whilst ensuring that value, in the form of social and economic benefits, are delivered to the community hosting deployment.”

2018-12-28 “Cierco expands its business in to California with new office in Palm Springs”
Palm Springs:

Cierco Corporation, following its acquisition of former 2B Energy Ltd in Aberdour, Scotland, is announcing a new business expansion to California. Recent legislation and energy policy announcements puts California in an interesting market position for floating wind power. Recent Californian market first steps taken with the expression of interest call for three site locations off the California coastline has attracted a new market interest for Cierco. Our business plan is focused on Europe for the next generation turbines and deployment of floating wind; however, the company sees the Californian synergies as a very fitting to its business plan.
Mikael Jakobsson, CEO commented: “This is very timely and fits right in with what we are doing overseas. The new floating market is intriguing, as costs are coming down far quicker than expected. Cierco has been working on detailed cost mapping as a part of a contract with UK government, looking at both 2 and 3 blades, 6 MW and 12 MW as well as fixed versus floating foundations. We are developing a floating wind project strategy that can support US development. Ideally, we can share our European experiences to contribute to California strategy.”
The new office address is at:
810 N. Farrell Drive Palm Spring CA, 92262

2018-09-20 “Cierco Ltd forms new arms of business”

Cierco forms three subsidiaries; Cierco Services (CS), Cierco Technologies (CT) and Cierco Projects (CP). The addition comes as the company is redefining its business plan where new activities will be expected under the new companies. Forthwind will be organized as a subsidiary of CP. As a technology-independent company, we see new opportunities with the introduction of floating wind power. The technology is compatible for integrations with gas generation and drinking water production and offers new opportunities in non-grid connection island generation, enabling remote and isolated deployments.
Scott Harper, Managing Director stated: “We have defined a clear business plan and have a good view on activities. As a result, we need to be prepared and organize accordingly; the new corporate structure will allow us to progress in various areas and have clear interfaces between the activities.”

2018-03-19 “2B Energy Ltd becomes Cierco Ltd”

On March 19th 2018, Cierco Corporation completed its acquisition of 2B Energy Ltd, based in Aberdour, Scotland. The company has been focused on project development to facilitate the 2B Energy technology deployments. The acquisition also includes the Forthwind Ltd project company, holding the Methil development project asset.

By the acquisition, the company will continue to operate under the new name Cierco Ltd, as a fully owned subsidiary of the US parent Cierco Corporation. Going forward, the company will continue its business on a technology neutral basis.
Mikael Jakobsson, CEO of Cierco Corporation stated: “We are pleased to come to this arrangement with 2B Energy. The new company will continue its business but will over the next few months redefine its business plan more in detail. We have a very competent team, experienced in both project development and project delivery, including foundation and substructure engineering. We will aim to maximize the values we have internally and build on these for the future business.”