Our strategy is to create economic and environmental value through delivering a portfolio of sustainable marine renewable energy projects:


Our strategy is to pursue a staged project technology deployment and manage the overall risk proposition for our customers. This means not only targeting the commercial deployments but adding to the value chain of the technology status of today and for it to reach the commercial deployment. We achieve this by managing the risk profile for each tailored project step, allowing the technology to mature and reach through “0-series” deployment for commercial readiness. Through this approach (as a project developer and technology integration company) we can work with a multiple of solutions and identify the optimal technology choice for maximum value to a given project. Key components in delivering our strategy include:

  • Pioneering and supporting new innovative marine energy technologies.
  • Collaborating with leading supply chain and technology innovation companies to reduce the cost of energy.
  • Managing risks through a focus on project delivery.
  • Building relationship with local project stakeholders to explore value and mutual benefits.
  • Enhancing local supply chain opportunities to create employment opportunities and create added social value.
  • Developing and delivering a series of projects across a number of technologies in Europe and the US.
  • Securing public and private project funding.
  • Supplying operations and maintenance services to operational sites.
  • Seeking to bring added value in the systems and sites we deliver.

Courtesy of Saitec Offshore Technologies